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Better Battlelog(BBlog) Install

First of all I want to thank the BBlog developers for their awesome work over the years. Their plugin made huge improvements on the Battlelog platform and made playing the games using Battlelog way more enjoyable for many.
This is an updated version of the old BBlog.


Plugin Install

Advanced Player Stats:
if the above link dont work:
Info: Display anti-cheat links on the main stats and also total weapon kills(just bullets, no nades), accuracy of total weapon kills and headshot stats.

Anti-Cheat Links:
if the above link dont work:
Info: Display BF4DB and BF4 Cheater report links for each player on the server(Not compatible with "Friends Highlighter", it's already included).

Github (BBlog Plugins: Anti-Cheat Links & Advanced Player Stats) -

True player counts:[email protected]/truePlayerCounts.js
Info: Shows the true player count on the server, if you use the latest version of BBlog, then there is no need to add it to your plugins, because the current version of BBLog already have the TruePlayerCounts.

After installing the browser plugin(BBlog) and restarting the browser, go to Battlelog and hoover your mouse over the new slider that appears on the left side of your screen.


Click on the Plugins tab within the starting menu of BBlog (not the Plugin Gallery tab!)


Copy each plugin URL, ie: and paste it within the black input field:


Press enter and refresh your browser. You are all done now!

BF4DB (original post):
BBlog site:


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